Knock-Down Rebuild

 Simplify your rebuild

Kolak Living are here to make your knock-down rebuild a simple, efficient process. We can help you make the most of what you already have, and discover your dream home with solid foundations and sleek finishes.

Knock-down Rebuild Process

Step 1. Come and Sit Down

Talk to us so we can understand what you want and need so that we can ensure your priorities are met

Step 2. Site Design Study

We will conduct a Site Design Study. This is at no charge and will allow us to provide you with a ballpark figure based on our discussion with you.

Step 3. Custom Design Fee

We will complete a thorough design detailing your dream home. This will incur a design fee which will allow you 4 revisions. The full working drawings that are completed will belong to you.

Step 4. Tender Fee

Once the above is complete, we will go to tender which will incur a fee. This tender will allow us to provide a price for all of your requirements in detail and present you with a fixed price fee.

Step 5. Credit

Once the above is complete and acceptable and we contract with you, the entire cost of fees paid will be credited back to you in the build price – then we begin!



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